About datacenterHawk

datacenterHawk is a convenient "one-stop-shop" for IT professionals, consultants, data center operators and investors to find data center and cloud solutions.

Our subscription-based service makes the complex process of searching and analyzing colocation and cloud service providers simple and faster than ever. Our cutting-edge online tools help users compare potential data center solutions using real-time capacity information, financial data, and market research; then present the findings in a sharp, easy to understand report.

For non-subscribers, datacenterHawk delivers hard to find information on the top Internet exchanges, cloud computing providers, carrier hotels, and colocation facilities in North America on a per-report basis. With a credit card number, IT professionals can use datacenterHawk to reduce the time it takes to find data center market information down from hours to seconds.


We want to empower data center customers and professionals across the U.S. through innovation and excellence. The best products that work well—that’s our goal.


We’ve got your back.

Our passion is developing innovative products designed to help data center customers and professionals make confident decisions.

We know our stuff.

We believe our industry experience uniquely positions us to deliver unmatched quality.

We’re here for you.

We strive to serve our clients by helping them find data center solutions they can trust.


David Liggitt, Founder/CEO

David is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of datacenterHawk. David started the company in 2014 with the vision to help customers make better decisions about data center real estate. His 15 years of industry experience and leadership have helped create a global platform trusted and depended on by the world’s largest data center owners, investors, consultants and users of digital infrastructure. He has been active in the data center industry since 2007.

David also started the datacenterHawk Podcast, an industry focused video and audio experience exploring relevant digital infrastructure topics. He frequently hosts other CEO’s and senior leaders from data center companies to provide thought leadership on the future of the space. He also highlights key trends with analytics and data found only on the datacenterHawk platform.

Prior to starting datacenterHawk, David was a leader in CBRE’s Data Center Solutions Group and assisted clients with their digital infrastructure needs. His time at CBRE was instrumental in allowing him to understand the challenges and solutions needed to help companies grow their data center infrastructure.

David currently lives in Dallas with his wife and two boys. He is a proud graduate of Baylor University and is actively involved in coaching youth sports, his neighborhood and his church.

Mike Netzer, Vice President, Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Mike is responsible for datacenterHawk’s sales and customer relationship management. He strives to ensure everyone who interacts with the datacenterHawk platform is able to meet their specific needs. Mike is also the cohost of the datacenterHawk Podcast, providing industry guidance that helps listeners make the best decisions in the data center space.

Before joining datacenterHawk, he spent fifteen years in pension plan administration in a variety of roles from implementation management, operations management, and product management. His breadth of experience allows him to contribute to projects outside the sales team at datacenterHawk. He loves to build efficient systems that leverage technology and enable the team to focus where they can uniquely add value.

Mike and his family live in Richardson, TX and spend their time going to their kids’ sporting events or taking long road trips. Mike and Veronica also mentor young married couples at their church.

Austin Walker, Vice President, Operations

Austin leads datacenterHawk’s global research and marketing teams while ensuring the datacenterHawk platform helps customers make better decisions about data center real estate. He is also responsible for the development of the company’s most important asset - its people.

Prior to joining datacenterHawk, Austin worked for a leading consulting firm and helped Fortune 500 companies develop new software products. He’s also an experienced entrepreneur, which brings a unique perspective as he helps lead company operations and shapes datacenterHawk’s thriving culture.

Austin and his family live in Dallas and are involved in a local, lower income community where he piloted a vocational technology education program to enable overlooked, underutilized people to attain jobs with long term growth prospects.

He is passionate about reform and equipping people with the training they need to be successful, whether that be at datacenterHawk, with customers, or in his community.

Tuan Vo, Product Director

Tuan is datacenterHawk’s Product Director and is responsible for guiding the product experience for customers. He oversees the strategic product planning of the company, which includes determining specifications, production timetables, and time-integrated plans designed to help data center industry decision makers.

Prior to joining datacenterHawk, he helped build and launch TrueScore 2.0 for Inventory+ at DealerTrack, a company tasked with solving automotive dealerships challenges related to benchmark inventory performance. He is also instrumental in directing offshore developments and managing Agile development for both onshore and offshore.

Tuan and his family live in Garland, Texas.