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datacenterHawk helps hyperscale focused teams get a clear understanding of their largest customers and capture their largest opportunity of the year


Capturing tomorrow's opportunity starts with a clear understanding of where the largest data center users are today

Hyperscale Search Tool - datacenterHawk






Without datacenterHawk:

Less clarity means worse decisions

Deploy capital to the wrong places

Poorly positioned when opportunity arises

With datacenterHawk:

More clarity means better decisions

Deploy capital efficiently and effectively

Well positioned when opportunity arises

Quantify historical growth

Every company has a story. Guessing where they’ve been or how they got to today can lead to a misinformed strategy for tomorrow. With datacenterHawk, you’ll get a clear, calculated view of how hyperscale users have developed their data centers over time.

Hyperscale Search Tool - datacenterHawk
Hyperscale Search Tool - datacenterHawk

Analyze user footprints

Tables and charts can only get you part of the story. Ultimately a hyperscale company has to commission their next data center at a specific location. With datacenterHawk, you can see where a company owns, leases, or lacks power at the market, regional, and national level.

Understand their strategy

Whether it be their site selection approach, leasing strategy, or sustainability commitments, with datacenterHawk you’ll have a trusted resource to validate your thinking against before going into your presentation.

Hyperscale Search Tool - datacenterHawk

Accelerate your intelligence on hyperscale data center users

Uncover New Insights

Get the most complete, accurate picture of hyperscale users available.

Validate Your Thinking

Get third party validation to help you move forward with confidence.

Expedite Your Answers

Come to an informed point of view in minutes, not months.


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For more than half a decade, industry leaders across the globe have leveraged datacenterHawk's analyst verified data and market research platform to help them outperform their competition.

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