Northern New Jersey Market Overview

It's no surprise the Northern New Jersey data center market has grown over the past few years. Even with the threat of oversupply two years ago, the market has continued to see demand and activity from data center users and operators. The Northern New Jersey colocation market has grown considerably over the last few years due to proximity to New York City, robust infrastructure, and favorable business climate.

In 2008, the Northern New Jersey market was mostly data center users that built, owned, and operated their own enterprise data centers. The financial implosion of 2009 helped fuel the colocation market as data center providers scoured Northern New Jersey for sites and opportunities to offer solutions to these companies.Typical requirements in the Northern New Jersey market are above 1 MW, but certain companies entering the market will sometimes have requirements starting at 100 kW. Industries active in the Northern New Jersey market are financial, healthcare, media, and technology companies.

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