HAWK Search

Finally, you can search the data center market with power. Hawk Search enables you to scan data center locations by provider, market and capacity. Dig deeper with advanced search functions that evaluate the strategic options of colocation, cloud, or land site solutions. You’ll find what you need quickly and easily.


Needing to validate a data center transaction? Try Hawk Swap – the data center industry's transactional exchange platform designed to help you get the info you need - when you need it. Submit your information anonymously to the Hawk Swap system. Then, get information on any market transaction you need. You give – you get. Hawk Swap - it’s that simple.


Locate your data center solution market in one minute–literally. Hawk Zoom allows you to quickly locate the perfect market by evaluating cities with key criteria tailored to your preferences. Rank selected results with our proprietary ranking system, creating a clear path forward. Track eliminated markets and build a solid business case.

HAWK Compare

Take search a step further with seamless and smooth comparisons. Simply drag search results into your cue and evaluate favorites head to head. Save or export your choices and quickly edit and print when you’re ready. Look sharp by branding the real-time data as your own, then share at a meeting or send to a client. We’ve got your back.

HAWK Financials

Use Hawk Financials to create the financial framework around your data center decision–no matter your strategic direction. Provide speed, simplicity and clarity for your company so you can slice and dice the options. This industry-leading tool allows you to evaluate multiple financial solutions by estimated rate, power cost, PUE and other key metrics. Lots of data, real simple.

HAWK Insight

Grasp data center market research and details like never before. Our insight team evaluates the market buzz and gives you the right direction quickly. Our market frameworks are built on our market expertise, power and space capacity, vacancy and absorption–all key components to help you make a confident decision. We know our stuff, and now you will too.

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