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Data center providers will typically respond in 3-5 business days and not all matched providers will return a quote. This may be for a variety of reasons, such as not being able to accommodate your request or lacking the capacity to handle the onboarding process. Expect to answer additional questions before receiving a formal quote.


The price range for colocation services is typically $700-$1500 per cabinet. The price is dependent on many factors, such as your other requirements, lease term and capabilities of the data center. Expect additional monthly charges for requirements such as managed services, remote hands or cloud connectivity.

The quoted price will likely include Internet Service as a separate line item. You may negotiate this with an Internet Service Provider directly if your need is large enough. The data center operator can provide a list of ISPs that are on-network already.

Contract Details

Colocation quotes include two categories; MRC (monthly recurring charge) and NRC (non-recurring charge). MRC is the recurring charge that you will be billed monthly. NRC or Installation Fee is paid up front to cover the operator's cost of on-boarding your colocation environment.

You will be required to sign a Master Service Agreement covering the lease which will also include a Service Level Agreement that holds the operator to performance metrics.

Depending on the length of the lease, it will most likely include 3% escalation that automatically increases the price of the lease every year.